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America's Tax Company Since 1995

$6,000 Refund Advance

$6,000 Refund Advance
Get Your Taxes Filed at Ace Auto Sales!

Starting January 3rd, you can file your taxes at the Fyffe or Gadsden locations using Tax Max for one low fee. Also ask about how you can receive up to a $6,000 Refund Advance within 24 hours or less!

  Up  to  $6,000  Refund  Advance  upon  IRS/bank  approval. (No Credit Required!)

Top 6 Reasons

To File With Tax Max

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No hidden fees.



FREE Year-Round

Audit Assistance.

Prepared by



FAST and

EASY process.

$6,000 Refund


*Upon IRS/Bank Approval. No Credit Required!

Tax Max | FAQ


Who is Tax Max?

Tax Max is an authorized IRS E-file provider based in Tampa, Florida that has been preparing State and Federal taxes since 1995. They offer one low rate with no hidden fees, and an accuracy guarantee.


Could I get more money going somewhere else?

No, you will get the same refund NO MATTER where you go because taxes are based on your background and work history. However, TaxMax offers some of the LOWEST tax prep fees and the HIGHEST refund advances around!


How soon can I get my refund ADVANCE?

This depends on how many is applying that same day. You could get it as little as 1 hour, but TaxMax promises to have it back within 24 hours of applying. WOW!!


How much Refund Advance can I get for filling my taxes at Ace Auto Sales?

Tax Max offers up to a $6,000 refund advance. But you may qualify for lower amounts too. See your local Ace Auto Sales for details.


When can I file my taxes?

You can file your taxes as soon as January 3rd! And your information will be in the IRS System as soon as they open.


What are the main advantages to filling with Tax Max?

Tax Max offers a FAST and EASY process with LOWER prices than most nationwide tax services. They also offer free year-round audit assistance. Up to $6000 in refund advances. If you do not qualify for the $6000, they continue to try untill the get you the MOST back for your refund.


Do I have to buy a car to file my taxes?

Not at all. You can get your taxes filed through Tax Max at any Ace Auto Sales location. We are happy to help.


I'm self-employeed, can I do my taxes with Tax Max?

Yes, there is an additional $79 processing fee.


How much does it cost to file with Tax Max?

Check with your Ace Auto Sales office for pricing details.


Who are the tax returns filed by?

Ace Auto Sales helps connect our customers to the Tax Max Tax representatives. Tax returns are prepared and filed by TRS: Tax Refund Service, Inc., DBA Tax Max Which is Not Affiliated with Ace Auto Sales. The are a partner we have joined with to help our customers!

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