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About Us

First we want to say thank you to all of our valuable customers that we have had over the last several years. We have sold cars and trucks all across the southeast.


When we first started our business, we struggled to come up with a business name we loved. Then we threw around the idea to call our car business "Ace Auto Sales" after our son. We hesitated to use this name as we didn't want to seam bias if we were to have anymore kids, but we just could not find anything that we liked better! Now we have one more on the way, due August 2020. Ace says, " We need two more, and name them Auto and Sales so we can have ACE-Auto-Sales."​ We had to let him down easily, but it was a great idea!

Come see us for all your car needs! We are the little white house on the hill located on Highway 75 in Fyffe, AL between Fyffe Animal Clinic and Fyffe Church of God. Our address is 494 Main Street Fyffe, AL 35971. We first started  our business out with one car as a Park-N-Sell in Fyffe. Then we moved up to two or three cars and gradually built up our lot and inventory.


Here we are today with a new lot, over 100 in inventory, vehicle deliveries weekly, financing available, and serving over 300 Northeast Alabama customers. We have great ratings on Google, Facebook, and Yelp so check them out and contribute if you are able to!

BONUS INFO: We are also able to search and find vehicles to meet your specific needs from all year makes and models, 2019 and down!!

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