Financing Options

We do offer simple, in house financing on our vehicles. We ask that you bring in a couple items with your valid Drivers License and meet a residency requirement. 


What you must bring is:

1 -   Proof of Income

        (Bring a bank statement or pay stub.)

2 -  Bring proof of Residency
        (MUST show your name & your address utility bills or mail.)

3 -  Live in the state of Alabama.

        (MUST be within 45-50 miles from our office.)

These items must be brought with your down payment. * * * All Financed vehicles, MUST have FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE (Comp & Collision with a $500 or less Deductible) on the day of Purchase.

We don't finance your past, we finance your future!


If you know you want to finance a vehicle, please bring those 3 items above and please fill out the Credit Application. When you come in, let us know that you prefilled out an application and we will print it for your file!


If you don't see the form below click this link: AceLoanApplication or the white button to the right and fill it out on any device or computer!  (AGAIN THAT IS THE FASTEST WAY FOR APPROVAL) 

For a printable form click this link: AceLoanApplicationPaperCopy then print and bring in or email to us at with the Subject Loan Application!  


Ace Auto Sales partners with MidAtlantic Finance (aka MAF) quarterly to help manage our accounts and report our customer's good credit! They have multiple ways to pay online, by check, by apps, over the phone and more.


With them administering your payments, this helps to  keep our staffing at a minimum, and helps us keep our cost lower on our vehicles without us having more overhead cost. They also are able to build our customers credit faster than we can since they are a true Financial Corporation.


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When your account starts the transfer process, MidAtlantic will make welcome calls on behalf of Ace Auto Sales. They will be verifying your account name, address, and vehicle information. Their number when calling you, will show up as a Florida number. If you missed this call please call them back at the number to the right.


You will continue to make your payments to Ace Auto Sales until the transfer is complete. Please know that nothing about your account will change (NAMES, DUE DATES, RATES, ETC. WILL ALL STAY THE SAME.) You will just now be making payments to them using 1 of their 6 ways instead of Ace Auto Sales once the transfer is completed.

You will still be required to make your payments on-time and keep insurance with a $500 or less deductible as well. If payments are not made, your account will be in default.



MidAtlantic Finance Company toll free at:


MidAtlantic Finance Company
P.O. Box 12139
St. Petersburg, FL 33733-2139