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Multiple Payment Options

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Click the green button to Download, & get a FREE $5 from Ace Auto Sales. May use on multiple devices for multiple rewards.

  1. Click the button above &

  2. Follow Directions to download the CASH APP

  3. Set up the app with your phone number and card info

    Now you are READY to Pay!

  4. Put in the amount of your Payment

  5. Click Pay in the Upper right-hand corner

  6. Type in To:  $AceAutoSalesGadsden,  "Ryan Jones" & click Pay

** IF you can’t get the link to work, Download the cash app, register and click the account button in the top left, scroll to the bottom and enter Referral Code: WKZBQXD to get a FREE $5 FROM ACE AUTO SALES after registering and using the app!


We do accept credit and debit cards with a 4% Processing Fee. This is a fee that is incurred by Ace Auto Sales for processing cards and is then past on to the customer due to having multiple options to pay. For example, if your monthly payment is $250 be prepared to pay $260 if you use a card in person, by phone or by text.


​This app is also Free of Charge and does not charge any fees for sending money. To send payments:

  1. Download Venmo

  2. Click the icon in the top RIGHT-hand corner.

  3. Under Add Recipients type in:

  4. To the Right where it says $0 type in:
       Payment Amount​​

  5. Where it says "What's it for?" type in:
       Account-holders name & Car

  6. Click the BLUE  PAY  button at the bottom.

  7. Then we will email you a receipt to the email on file shortly after receiving payment.



or Fees will Apply

  1. To avoid any fees, please send as Friends and Family. If it still shows the fees, you will need to go ahead a pay those through PayPal. Sometimes PayPal will ask twice if it is "products or services". Since you already have the vehicle and will not receive any additional products, please DO NOT click this option. Any fees associated with the payment will be applied to the account.

    For example, A $250 payment will have a $8 fee added to the account if it is sent as products or services and not sent as friends and family or if the fee was not already paid prior to confirming.


  2. Send payments to:

zelle 2.jpg
  1. Google to see if your bank uses Zelle Pay
    Example: "Does Wells Fargo use Zelle"

    It will tell you if your bank is partnered with Zelle, if you need the Zelle App, and/or if you just need to use your bank's app.

  2. To Send Payment please follow the directions on your app or banking app and 
    Send to:  Meg Jones

Zelle can take 1-3 days to process. We have seen it instantly process & have also seen it take several days. When it shows up and processes on our side, will be when your payment will be posted. Late Fees need to be considered when sending and can apply if the transaction takes several days to process.

Pay My Car.PNG
  1. Call Ace Auto Sales to obtain your username and Password.

  2. You must have a valid email for this to be sent to and to register to use this site.

  3. Once your payment has processed, there will be a 4% card fee added to your account at the end of the week and will need to be paid with the next payment.

Use this link anytime you wish! Your reciept will be emailed to you automatically and applied to your account 24/7!

Financing Options

Financing Options

We do offer simple, in house financing on our vehicles. We don't do a formal credit application, where we send it off to credit bureaus for approval. We just ask that you bring in a couple items:

  • Pay stub to show proof of income

  • Proof of Residency
    (bills, mail, etc.) 

  • Vaild Drivers license

  • You must live in Alabama and be within 25 Miles of our Gadsden Office or 45-50 miles MAX of our home office.

  • Then you are approved instantly after the owners, or sales manager approves and checks your information.

We don't finance your past, we finance your future!



If you know you want to finance a vehicle, please complete the loan Application on our the website for the location of buying. When you come in, let us know that you prefilled out an application and we will print it for your file to save you time!


For our amazing customers, we have a great company called MidAtlantic Finance that we partner with quarterly to help manage our accounts and to report our customer's good credit!

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